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You may note that DC cables are different than larger AC/DC Cables, in that there are two cables, a positive and negative. AC/DC cables have three. Positive, Neutral and Ground.

The protocols of current carried by cables are based on science, and are complex, and I would not pretend to have knowledge enough to attempt explanations.

All products sold by iShaja, are intended as mobile solutions. We do not sell, nor recommend permanently installed solutions; that is the domain of professionals and rightly so.

The point of our cable selection is to provide a complete mobile solution, including cables and connectors, this, to save you from going shop to shop looking for single items and having to buy a packet of twenty lugs when you need only two.


As such, based on the output of the solar solutions, we offer a choice of cables, including connectors, and terminals depending on the parameters you request. These parameters include amp output of the panels, and the length of cable you choose, based on 12V batteries only.

The cables we provide are multi-strand copper, with a connector, such as a spade lug, to slot onto your battery terminal. Where the cable is bare, we solder the tip, to keep the strands optimal for conducting current.

The calculation we use for the choices offered are based on a calculator you will find at the link below. I find this site, 12 Volt Planet very informative.


Connecting DC cables correctly always red to red. Sometimes, the “negative” cable may be white or black, but when you see any red – that goes to the red terminal or cable.

Don’t be confused when you see both terminals at the end of your cable is blue, or red. The colours of the terminals are coded for the size of the cable, so rather be guided by the actual cable colour.

Stay safe.


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