Solar Charge Controller Connections

    CONNECTING YOUR SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLER   Here is a diagram to assist you in connecting your Solar Charger to you Controller. If you are using our 10A Controller, this model has pre-programmed settings, and will auto-detect between a 12V and 24V battery. Our Controller is only compatible with Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Batteries, or Gel. All you need to do is connect the cables. The most import thing to remember, is ALWAYS connect the Controller to your battery first. Then your Solar Panel. And, if you so choose, a “LOAD”. Load, in this instance, means whatever you connect that will draw power from your battery via your Controller, such as a USB device via the USB ports, or lights, or any other item that is wired for 12V  power. The red and black cables would connect to the Controller via the + (positive) and – (negative) slots. When you are ready to disconnect, do so in reverse order, so disconnect your Solar Panel first and your battery last. If you prefer, here is a pdf download          CONTROLLER CONNECTION      

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